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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cannabis legal in my state?

All across the nation and the globe, cannabis entrepreneurs are beginning to see the growing opportunity in the legally regulated cannabis market and they are taking aim at their chance the seize the moment.The reality is that cannabis laws are comprised of a patchwork between federal state and local authorities. We have the expertise the evaluate your desired to location to determine if you can be eligible for all available regulatory licenses to stay within the guidelines of the law. That being said, in the US cannabis is federally a schedule I substance, so having the proper advice on staying state and locally compliant is key!

What kind of cannabis business can I start?

Generally commercial cannabis operations are licensed in the following categories: 

  1. Cultivation – Growing the flower 
  2. Manufacturing – Transforming the cannabis flower to a cannabis byproduct  
  3. Distribution – Aggregating, Transporting, and inventorying 
  4. Transportation – Varies by jurisdiction
  5. Testing- Independent analysis of the cannabis product for consumer safety
  6. Retail – Direct to consumer sale of the product. Depending on the location, delivery and/or transport licensing may be permitted. 

The licensing authorities in the respective jurisdictions in which your business is licensed ultimately decide what licenses are available. Loud Consulting can help you navigate the state and local applications for commercial cannabis operations, decide what license type fits your desired operation, and engage with the local authority. As this is a burgeoning industry state and local regulatory advocacy is a needed part of a successful stagey to secure the needed license. 

How long does it take to start a cannabis business?

Usually longer than anticipated! But we can help you get started immediately. The timeline depends on the local licensing approval process, the number of other applicants potentially creating an administrative backlog, and efficiency of the applicant in avoiding sometimes unnecessary delays, caused by lack of capacity, experience, and/or skill set. Having an experienced representative like our consultants at Loud Consulting helps to give you piece of mind that a dedicated professional is in your corner and staying on top of the ever-changing industry.

How much does it cost to start a cannabis business?

Licensing fees vary widely by locale and business model, but in addition to those costs, generally a commercial cannabis operation can expect to: maintain some physical premises and bear the cost associated with the same; purchase equipment, software, and the like for the cannabis business; and startup capital for employees, inventory, etc. 

Usually it costs more than anticipated, but you can manage your costs and mitigate some potentially expensive missteps by relying on a trusted expert to advise you proactively instead in reactively.  Imagine entering into a lease at a location where you want to operate your business, but didn’t recognize that said location isn’t even eligible for a cannabis permit! Ouch. We’ve seen it before. Trust Loud Consulting to guide you in the right direction before throwing money down a black hole. 

Can you guarantee I get my license?

We have a track record of successfully securing cannabis licensees for our clients and we’ve take applications that were denied, successfully appealed the decision, and helped our clients secure the license, however, there are no guarantees. We do guarantee you are better off with the assistance of qualified advisors with the experience and skill set to support your efforts. Don’t get started and end up making mistakes from not having gone through the process. Schedule a consultation with Loud Consulting today.

Do you offer services not listed on your site?

Absolutely. Our team can personalize consulting services to fit your cannabis business needs.
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